Hey Guys !!!

The purpose of this blog is to put out what I can not say day by day and maybe people understand.

Sometimes words are missing to express what we feel at the time the situation is happening, or we still, need time to understand what has happened, what we feel and digest it all.

This happens a lot with me.

As I have a need to put out, to avoid suffocating me by unspoken words, I write.

That was the way I found it. Maybe one day someone will understand everything I wanted to say.

Here you will find poems, stories, some happy others not so much, about things, people and everyday situations.

It is not always in the order of events, but here, as in mathematics, the order of factors does not change the product. Life as it is.

I’m excited to write to you, I hope you like it.

Good reading !


    1. The reality is hard, but we have to face it, only then can we get a full view of everything around us and we can decide what is best for us. To deny reality is never an exit, we have to work it.

      I thank you for writing and for the beautiful photos. Thank you for stopping by and take a moment to read.



  1. What are your reasons to be anonymous? I find it strange that your blog ended up in my follow list when I dont read anyrhing anonymous. I do like your writings but a little bit of getting to know who we are, should not hurt 🙂 Merry Christmas to you!

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    1. Good evening Amir, first, thank you very much for reading my blog, I’m very grateful, especially since you do not read anything anonymously. Well, I’m a very shy girl, and this blog started to try to talk to a person who also likes to write but is too selfish to read the work of others. This person was a complicated relationship that I had (I’m still going through it), many texts here refers to this person (see you in the future / TU / You’re the worst thing that still exists in me … for example). Hence comes the idea of ​​anonymity, are things that I could not say to the person directly or I did not have the courage, I hoped that if the person reads like someone else’s work would understand better. Well, my idea did not work, but I kept writing about why it’s good for me, but the shyness continues and the fear of receiving direct criticism from people close to me who can recognize me in the texts is still great. It never happened, thanks to God, you are wonderful in the comments. I’m working my personality, maybe one day I’ll openly expose myself here for you. If you want to know about me personally, we can talk. Thanks. Have a great night and Merry Christmas ! XOXO.

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