Transformations are slow. No one changes overnight. It all depends on deconstruction, removing some blindfolds from the eyes and some beliefs from the shoulders … It is not a painless process. Leaving the area – apparently – comfortable messes with all the little monsters hidden in obscure corners; some ghosts appear; and many fears, fears, anxieties and anxiety are discovered. It is natural to lose your breathing rhythm when looking for a new way to breathe.

I saw it when I started to peel and change. I was leaving so many armor and beliefs, I was looking more at myself and seeing myself with MY eyes, not with the eyes of others. I liked what I saw, but it scared me. And it still scares. But it is so beautiful to see, to feel a pulse, to perceive between the lines … Every day a little more, every day a new change. Every day a new belief to be broken and a new way – and so open! – to look at the world, to look at me.

When I park and allow myself to look at every trail I choose to walk, I am proud of the woman I have become (and I am becoming). I look back – at the falls, at the patterns, at the fittings – and realize how much courage I wore to bare …

Text: @mafeprobst


Photo: @aline.enila1


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