Wait for me!


It will be even better.
Do not ask why.
I think when we think we understand something, it’s proof that we’re wrong. Because things were not meant to be understood but felt.
And what sense does it all have for you?

As I think, I see her parading around, on such an agile certainty, that my eyes can barely see who stays.
I just feel the echo.
She seems undeterred by the speed. It passes without caring about my time and my will.
– Selfish. You only give me a fraction of the thousandth of a second. And I wanted eternity to see you some more.
She passes, in silence and without mercy.
Increasingly invisible with every step taken.
And it takes so long that my skin is marked, dyed, wrinkled.
Why do you always want to go like this, so fast?
“I said I wasn’t going to ask anything else.”
But you also postponed all my answers, so we’re even.
Well my mother always warned me .. That was not to talk to strangers and I soon decided to place bets with them. Trying to trade my life for one more second with you.
Who will arrive first in the end?
That’s when I realized for the first time that she was human.
Now she’s gone and I don’t know anymore.
This is the time to save the latest possible images. I can not blink.
We count the numbers out loud, the chronology is without logic.
I do not want to run. But she’s passing me. –
– Wait for me!

My fear oozes, giving me no alternative but to follow her.
I pray to my deepest faith, who wishes to stop the unalterable, with the naivety of a girl.
He is a woman who once loved and had to leave.

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