The Park



He sat next to me and said softly.

“I want to finish”

We had just had lunch together, He suggested and paid the bill.

I felt as if I had just finished the last death row meal.

(I would find out this later)

We had barely begun. Nothing fit.

I was speechless.


I could only ask a simple question.


He tried to explain metaphorically. That when we loved someone, we were agitated just to think that we would meet that person, that the cold in the belly did not happen to me.

I did not understand, because I simply felt everything.

The fear of not being in the right clothes.

The happiness of seeing your smile.

Anxiety for your touch.

The urgency of feeling his kiss.

Every part of my body yearned for it.

He completed …

I’m not talking about desire … I’m talking about love.

He wanted me.

It was fact.

I could feel his body getting lost several times. As he whispered disjointed words in my ear.

I tried to argue.

Love can be built, day after day.

Fool. He believed in fairy tales, when he told me several times that enchanted princes do not exist.

It was useless, he had already decided.


He stayed with me for another hour as he processed the end of the dream.

I waited for the last kiss.

Did not come.

We say goodbye like two friends who like each other but did not stay together.


With tears in my eyes and broken heart.

Him. Free.


    1. Thank you so much for read and comment. I love him and I do not know if I will be able or I will love again. I do not even know if I want to. At the moment I’m just gathering my shards and praying that everything will be over soon. It’s a hell.

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      1. Respuesta honesta y sincera a un comentario que se encargó de cambiar el traductor automático. No volveré a utilizarlo.
        Trataba de decir que, en cada relación suele haber un miembro de la pareja que suele amar más que el otro. Uno-una que lo que más desea es dar amor; otra-otro que quiere ser amado-a o agasajada-o.
        Y sucede que, quien más da, más pierde y mayor dolor padece cuando todo se derrumba. Pero, por ello, no podemos dejar de amar… Sería como negarse a respirar porque la vida duele.
        Ánimo, todo llegará. La vida es cambio, adaptación y aprendizaje para la supervivencia

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