Small details great reflections – All this on a late afternoon

Every day, I look at the sky and I make the sign of the cross and I thank God for the gift of contemplating the sunrise and / or sunset. It is the moment that I forget my problems and just thank.I forget that a little while ago I complained about having to get up so early, or I got upset that I did not meet the schedule of the day or something did not work or that someone irritated me for some nonsense. I just look and thank you for everything I’ve accomplished so far. Thank you for continuing to look after me, even when I do not know how to thank you so much or recognize the good side of things.Yes, everything has a positive side and nothing is by chance. I realize that I have much more to give thanks than to complain, that even in a tortuous way, I walk and realize my dreams, supported by Him. You know, I used to blame him for bad things, like a spoiled child who makes a tantrum when he does not get the toy he wanted so badly. Until I realized that he carried me in his lap every time it seemed impossible to follow. I noticed in the nights that my heart ached, and the pain turned into tears that ended the nights, that He took care of me, put me in the lap and made cafuné until I fell asleep. On those nights I would wake up at dawn and thank Him for making me fall asleep, that’s what I needed to ease the suffering. The next day, it gave me the strength to follow and not let me down. He showed me that the thorns on the way were just tools to keep us humble and persevering. That prepares us for something wonderful right up front.That we carry no greater burden than we can bear. In time I came to the maturity necessary to realize his presence in everything. Thank you for another day to do the right thing or for the good and productive things that I accomplished. I thank and feel the peace in my heart as if He said “I am here and always will be, can always count on me” and so I renew myself !


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