Tell me something real about you

Tell me something about you

Something real

I do not want any lines

No photo caption

I do not want the commandments of the youngest guru

It is not the canning or the speech of the winner

And neither as writers’ phrases that romanticize anxiety

I know your favorite dish.

Their bandsYour hours at the pool

Your favorite poses

Your mileage on the treadmill


Tell me about yourself

Tell me about your shadow

Tell me about your pain

Your silly crazies

And about the cheesy songs

Tell me about your fear

Tell me about the person who is alone in the room

How is she?

How difficult not to impress anyone

Tell me the dreams she had when she was still the girl

Tell me about your favorite memories

Tell me the day your heart was broken

Tell me about the fatigue of trying to balance on the rope

Tell me about your darkest night

Tell me something unique

It may be about your scar on your ring finger

Or the reason for your weird laugh

Tell me you’re more than image

I wanna go there

Go where no one went

There is love

And the carnivorous plants.


written by: @zackmagiezi

Translate by: @rascunhodraft



  1. i love this.
    and now feel compelled to tell you that i will dance to the song “weapon of choice” anytime anywhere and fear the day i no longer feel compelled to dance to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hii, emje, thanks for your comment, dancing is a great thing to do. And since the subject is to say something real about yourself, let me say, I always listen to music but when I am sad I prefer silence, quietness, one should not spoil good songs with bad moments. Have a great night. XoXo.


  2. People live,
    People Die,
    People laugh,
    People cry,
    some give up,
    some will try,
    some say hi,
    some say bye
    others may forget u ,
    But never will I

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