Hidden secrets of the mind or who is afraid of thunder


Perceptions about myself on a sunny afternoon with coffee.

cafe_alo_alo_bahia (1)

I’ll tell you a secret

When I’m sad and upset about something I sleep.
Yes, just be sad that I want to snuggle up to my blankets and my various pillows, and cry until I fall asleep.
I’ve been doing this since I was young, that’s where I feel safe.

I suppose I make the same association when it rains very heavily with thunder and lightning, you know.

Yes I am afraid of lightning and thunder I have heard millions of explanations of how it is unlikely that a lightning bolt falls in the middle of a city surrounded by buildings and parachutes.

But … I’m afraid … always with one exception.

When it rains a lot my fear blocks any rational thinking and I always imagine it is very likely that lightening will hit me and I will die,

so why not die warm in the warmth of my bed ?!

My refuge is similar to the embrace of a friend, comfortable, warm, shelter.
No music calms me any more, anyway, nor do I like to ruin a song with sad moments,

because the moments pass but whenever I listen to that song will remember him.
Not worth it !


  1. I do the same thing when I’m sad. On the other hand, one day I finally let go of my fear of storms. We live in a particular part of the country where tornados are quite common. I’m not exactly sure how I can tell you I quit worrying when the lightning boomed and the thunder rolled, but the day did come. No, I do think of safety. I wouldn’t just stay out in the rain with lightning popping all around, but I tend to not let it worry me anymore. I just let the weather be the weather and listen if I get a warning on my cell phone telling me there is an active one on the ground near me.
    I do love snuggling up under the covers though when I’m sad, depressed, or it’s really cold and I just don’t want to leave it until I’ve had enough coffee.

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    1. I’m sorry, where do you live? I do not know what I would do if I lived in a risk zone. But it’s wonderful to be under the covers and feel embraced. Always when I sad and depressed the first thing that goes away and the desire to eat and thus we are weak then in that moment to feel welcomed is everything. Thank you for comment. Xoxo.

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    1. I think music so important in our life and it really does not feel right to ruin a song because of someone who did not want to stay. So I do not spoil songs with bad things, I just hope it goes away, and soon … Thanks for reading my text and commenting on it, I’m really happy. XoXo.

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