When the relation ends but love does not.

How hard…

It hurts, it tightens the chest.

But it had to be like that, you did everything you could.amor-nc3a3o-acaba

Gives a longing for what it was to be and

You were sure you had everything to have been.

But it was not, it is not. It’s over.

The way is to accept the departure,

to keep what was good in the heart,

to absorb learning,

to comfort the orphanhood of this love,

until he understands that for the moment

it will be better alone …


Pamela Magalhães


Set me up for a while ☺️

I still remember sleeping with you when you woke me up in the middle of the night with a kiss full of desire.

I remember the feel of his touch.iremember

From the sounds I took from you.

I remember staying up till the wee hours talking.

I remember.

When it’s rainy day and gives that will to hug someone.

When the day was good, productive and

we just want to snuggle in each other’s chest and enjoy some peace.

When it’s Sunday and we sit on the porch for tea.

I remember.

with longing for what was and wishing what could have been.

But it does not hurt anymore.


      1. Thanks Rascunho. It means a lot. I like the fact that blogging brings so many diverse people together and we can share with each other. It connects us, and sadly we are missing that right now.

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    1. It’s very sad when that happens. Or when one still loves but the other does not. It is painful and it bleeds. But we must remain strong, these events can not define us. It is always a pleasure to read your comments. Thanks.

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      1. Hi, sorry for the late response to your comment. I haven’t posted in so long, my account was froze. I couldn’t log in. I finally figured it out. Thanks for the comment, what you said certainly rings true and about the only thing you can do is try to move forward, some things aren’t meant to be, maybe it’s actually a good thing and we don’t know it, at least in some cases. Sorry again that I took so long. I wasn’t even able to read anyone else’
        s blog. I need to catch up. I miss doing this and talking to everyone.

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    1. Luckily I’m getting it and I will win this fight hahaha. It’s not being easy, but we know we are strong and everything in life passes. Mainly, it all happens to teach us something, the way, is to learn the lesson and move on. I was very happy with your comment. Thank you. XOXO

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