17th of August


Am I ready to move on? Yes, I say, until I see your picture with her.
I think I got over it, most of the time, there is your picture hugging her and smiling.
God knows I wanted to be happy for you,
He knows how I tried.
But the truth is I’m lying on the floor,
All I feel is longing for what we never live.
Than you never allowed us to live.
I can handle the pain, my love,
I’ve held on for a long time.
I do not wish you any harm,
I just wanted happiness to be ours.
I will try not to take it personally.
Maybe if I just lock you in here,
I will not feel anything else.
They say that time heals everything,
How much longer will I have to wait?
My friends say that I will be happy too,
that someone will come to cover the wounds you have left.
Until then I will sit here and write to you.

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