She ran down the beach as if it were her last breath of life, as if suddenly all the energy stored in those two years bloomed inside her chest. There were half a dozen people there who impregnated themselves or felt the happiness of others. Is it really happiness? It was a mixture of everything inside her, it was a big hurricane inside that person who was getting smaller and smaller in the landscape. How long, he thought … how long, but not with looks or begging beggars … longing for himself, longing to run like who knows where he’s going, but in full assurance that he does not want any more directions. Not to plans made without purpose, not words declared by necessity, not to repressed desires, not to everything that binds us not to live. Then, in the middle of nowhere with all his life in front of him, he realized that he was free. And how he liked to be.

Written by: @umserquesente

Translate by: @rascunhodraft

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