Liebster Award #3

Hi Everyone, I was nominated by Diana through her Pretty Confections blog for

I found the questions very nice and would like to post them with my answers. One more chance for you to know me a little bit.

Good reading.

Thank you Diana.

So Let´s go…

What is your favorite hobby?

Play guitar, read books and watch series.

What makes you happy?

Being with my family and friends and traveling

What is your favorite color?


Do you have a dream job, something you wish you could do?

I currently work in my training area. Apparently it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but my psychologist is dismantling all this rs. At the moment it is not being a pleasant thing, but I believe that the employment of dreams for me would be something stable, that would enable me to plan to do more leisurely things that I like.

What irritates you the most?

Noise, not being able to speak, explain myself etc … Not to be heard in general. Someone once did an analysis of my astrological profile and told me that I expect a lot from the people I give people what I would like to receive and when that does not happen I get frustrated, I think it’s true, I hear a lot people, because I like it clear, but when I want / need to talk and someone just turns away and walks away it really pisses me off.

Do you have any indulgences?

Usually, with whom I love and want very close, I have a tendency to “forgive” more quickly, or I am predisposed to believe that the person has changed and will no longer do that or at least is trying to be better.

Can you describe your most embarrassing moment?

When I went out with a “friend” it seemed to have a climate there I wanted to give him a kiss and he did not give it. I did not understand anything, it was very strange.

Name one of the best moments of your life.

My graduation

How would you describe your personality?

I’m still trying to figure it out. For now, I would describe myself as an observant person. I’d rather watch people than talk about them or about myself. With regard to friendships, I believe that I am a companion, faithful friend. In love relationship: I am very affectionate, I like to be together, to show love and affection. I’m jealous of all of you.

What made you decide to blog?

It’s a phrase I always say “I write to get the bad things out of me.” There was a time when I had a lot to say and I really wanted to be heard by a specific person, that person has a blog, so I thought it would be easier to talk to her around here. But the person is so selfish that he does not bother to read the other’s work, he just likes people to read hers. So he still does not listen to me. But no problem because this reason has become meaningless for me, I found so many cool people talking about wonderful things, they read me and comment what I say and understand me. Nowadays I write in a blog because it has become therapy for me. Put out what no longer fits inside me, be it good or bad, and sometimes find someone to comment and exchange experiences.

Name one thing in your life you’d like to change.

I would like to be less emotional, less intense for sure I would get rid of several displeasure.


If anyone has any other questions please leave us comments.





  1. I really enjoyed reading your answers, thank you for posting them! It’s amazing on your answer for What irritates you the most? I have the same exact things happen to me! Thanks again for sharing, keep up the great work!! xoxo

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    1. I have an interesting personality, I was watching. I recently started doing therapy because there have been several unpleasant facts in my life. But I am very shy and suspicious. It is not for everyone that I open myself and it is very difficult to do therapy if you do not talk much. I have this problem of wanting to be heard and understood and at the same time I am so closed that I can not express myself. I suffer a lot in therapy with this, I do not understand how I can have both problems at the same time rs. I’m paying more attention to that. Thank you for your comment. XoXo.

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