You do not love me anymore?

You don't love me anymore

If I still love you? I love, I love, yes. I had to keep the love inside me, lock it and forget where I kept the key.

My heart was broken and I needed to breathe.

If I passed this stage you can too. It was not easy, of course, I needed help from friends, a psychologist, and an overwhelming will to overcome. But that was just one of the battles I had to face to be stronger. Had friends who could not take it, I think today, did they really make friends? Today I leave you well below my list. I do not care if they disappear as soon as you’re gone. It makes no difference. I made new friends and strengthened ties that were loosened because I was too focused on one group. Today I’m lighter, in the end, everything has become learning. I remain happy, paying more attention to myself and what I enjoy. Sometimes our memories come, but it does not hurt anymore.

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