Fist Year

1 ano

Yeah, We already have a year !!!

Today I see the great changes that have happened to me all this time. I remember that I started this blog because I wanted to speak the “language” of a person I liked very much and wanted to be heard by her. Nowadays all this does not make much sense, because although I have tried very hard to be much for this person, no effort of mine was recognized by her.niver
However, I have learned to express myself better and to express everything that hurts me. And I really like this universe.
I’ve shared many things with you and hearing what you have to say is very good. I remember one of the things I said to that same person: “I write about bad things to get them out of me, about the good things that I do not have so much urgency to write, because I want to prolong that feeling.” we talked about journals.
I have a notebook that I write when no words would make sense to another person, when the anguish is so great that I could not express myself coherently. So I write and cry and I get lighter.
The text “see you in the future” was the first one I wrote here that I reported what I was really feeling and it helped me to understand what was going on. Today, more than a year later, we are in the same moment, but the sensation is different. I am stronger, more determined, I know myself better and I understand what is good for me and I accept more easily that people should be left free.
Writing helped me understand this and see things as a whole and several comments from you have comforted me, put a smile on my face, as well as the texts that I have read of you.

                                                              I want to thank you for the followers and for the tanned ones in my blog. And I want to 100flwsay that your comment makes all the difference, that I am very glad to come here and see people from different parts of the world commenting, sharing something nice with me, sympathizing with my experiences, I feel much lighter when Someone tells me that he has identified with something I said, that he agrees with me or that he thinks differently but that he respects my point of view and explains how he thinks (sometimes it makes me think differently). No doubt you make me feel better is like group therapy. I write to improve my mood to take something sad, distressing from within me and when you give me the opportunity to talk about it through the responses of the comments it makes a lot more sense to me. Many thanks to all of you who read, who respond, who comment, who like. I love talking to you and discovering other amazing people who write amazing things and feel that too. Thank you very much, for this one year of partnership, you have made me better in many moments and I hope I have helped someone as well.


A thousand Kisses.




  1. congratulations on your first year blogging! There is something powerful in being able to share hopes, fears, dreams, and yes, anguish inside. We can give encouragement to one another. Sometimes, it is just being able to express things inside us, that those things no longer have control over us.

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    1. Yeah, I believe that a lot. When we express ourselves we understand what we feel and we become lighter. We just need to get it out. When I do not speak and I do not solve, it takes me a lot to overcome. Thank you for your comment. Hugs.

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  2. “I write about bad things to get them out of me, about the good things I do not have as much urgency to write, because I want to prolong this feeling inside”

    i’ve always said similar things about my writing. i call my art journal/blog my “portrait of dorian gray.” it’s been a life saver for me. i’m glad yours is helping you ❤

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    1. Yes, it helps me write a lot. In a dumb where no one has time to listen to anyone, expressing yourself in some way is essential, writing helps me. Talking helps me a lot too. Thank you for your comment. Hugs.

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