About Forgiveness

If the last person who hurt you would call you now, would you forgive? This is a current question on social networks. My answer? It’s not because someone hurt you once you have to allow it to continue. Forgiveness is often for ourselves. I sincerely believe that I am a good person and that I do not awaken evil in anyone, but if unfortunately evil reaches me, and we know that it reaches, I regard it as personal growth and I forgive the person, for me, for her and for others that will pass in my life and do not deserve to prove the bitterness that another caused. Every person who passes into our lives has the right to fulfill his role without the shadow of someone who is gone. Go in peace. You are forgiven.





  1. You are right,dear!!we are common human.every hurtings teach us a new lesson.forgiveness are only in hand of God.perhaps,we feel as disturbing n go in frustration.now i feel that what is happend with me-right or wrong,was become a candle to go in right way.eventhough somebody’s behaviour is hurted my heart but now i have forgotten all those.it is not meant from forgiveness .who we are to forgive other’s fault.we have no right of this .we can only demand mental peace from God n left all issues on God’s hand.at last inside me ,you and other humans have souls who are part of Supersoul.do you agree?plz reply.

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    1. I try not to keep hurts inside me. I believe that what I cultivate within me, can only do good or bad for myself. But she has the other person’s relationship to her attitudes, if she believes that what she did to me is right, okay, if she does not seek forgiveness for some reason, that is her and God. My relationship with God is different from her relationship with God and everyone can live according to what they feel right and what they would like to cultivate. I’m very happy to talk to you. Thanks.


  2. Forgiveness! Really great post. We do forgive for ourselves. Not only will it change us, it will also plant the seed for doing good in the person receiving our forgiveness! God bless! 🙂

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