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Hidden secrets of the mind or who is afraid of thunder


Perceptions about myself on a sunny afternoon with coffee.

cafe_alo_alo_bahia (1)

I’ll tell you a secret

When I’m sad and upset about something I sleep.
Yes, just be sad that I want to snuggle up to my blankets and my various pillows, and cry until I fall asleep.
I’ve been doing this since I was young, that’s where I feel safe.

I suppose I make the same association when it rains very heavily with thunder and lightning, you know.

Yes I am afraid of lightning and thunder I have heard millions of explanations of how it is unlikely that a lightning bolt falls in the middle of a city surrounded by buildings and parachutes.

But … I’m afraid … always with one exception.

When it rains a lot my fear blocks any rational thinking and I always imagine it is very likely that lightening will hit me and I will die,

so why not die warm in the warmth of my bed ?!

My refuge is similar to the embrace of a friend, comfortable, warm, shelter.
No music calms me any more, anyway, nor do I like to ruin a song with sad moments,

because the moments pass but whenever I listen to that song will remember him.
Not worth it !

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When the relation ends but love does not.

How hard…

It hurts, it tightens the chest.

But it had to be like that, you did everything you could.amor-nc3a3o-acaba

Gives a longing for what it was to be and

You were sure you had everything to have been.

But it was not, it is not. It’s over.

The way is to accept the departure,

to keep what was good in the heart,

to absorb learning,

to comfort the orphanhood of this love,

until he understands that for the moment

it will be better alone …


Pamela Magalhães


Set me up for a while ☺️

I still remember sleeping with you when you woke me up in the middle of the night with a kiss full of desire.

I remember the feel of his touch.iremember

From the sounds I took from you.

I remember staying up till the wee hours talking.

I remember.

When it’s rainy day and gives that will to hug someone.

When the day was good, productive and

we just want to snuggle in each other’s chest and enjoy some peace.

When it’s Sunday and we sit on the porch for tea.

I remember.

with longing for what was and wishing what could have been.

But it does not hurt anymore.

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New Expectations (summary of life)


Hello guys !!!

I would like to say, sorry, I know this blog is filled with too much drama and unresolved loves, but let’s change that. I mean I’m working hard to change it here, but unfortunately, it’s the moment I’m living right now, and I write about, mainly then, my feelings so it’s only natural that this reflects a bit here.

The good news is that all this is about to change.

let me explain

I was in a foggy phase. Lots of changes happening (which are not good) like good taurine I’m hated every one of them. First because change is not really my beach. Second because there were no good changes.


I finished college. Yes, this was to be good, if it were not for the martyrdom of seeing a new stage completely without direction, without seeing a beautiful horizon ahead. I was very happy of course, it was the first crazy thing I decided to do. A challenge that I set myself and I loved to finish with honors this cycle. At the same time I thought Phew! what a relief, I gotta go home with my head held high and sense of accomplishment, it also hit me hard like a slap that you (just) ended one stage of your life and that many other and more important ones have seen, that it really does not come back home with a diploma in hand and expect people to respect you. The expectations (of others and mine) had now reached another level.


Which leads me to another significant change: The first post-college job: In my area people often imagine that they will graduate degree in one day and will be rich the next day. In fact, many people take my course because it opens up a huge fanbase. It is a world of many possibilities. However, I chose (in) the wrong time to graduate. It is well known that the crisis in the country is at its peak and was an injection of many professionals in the market. So one must imagine that getting a job is something to celebrate. Got mine after 4 months looking for it. I was super excited to start, I told everyone, proud of myself.

It was a victory, and I was happy, I could stay here for a while longer. I would not have to go back to my hometown with my diploma in hand and I could go on studying and my career plans. The first month was great, a lot of work, a lot of new things, a lot of responsibility. I like it. However, came the salary, I was indignant to see how the professional of the area is devalued. Even more disappointed that my “bosses” have a humanist discourse that is all about social issues, about the rights of others, and how the rules should be followed. A disappointment. Came the second, the third, the fourth month, nothing changed only responsibilities and charges increased.


convicção e dúvida

I was discouraged and doubting many things that I had full conviction.

In the midst of all this, I was forced to seek help.



This was a good change

I wish I had not gone through all the wear and tear I’ve come to get to this point but … how we did not choose … we just live and life leads us to unknown paths I got to that. I looked for therapy. For N reasons, I do not even know where they started, I knew I needed to. The fuse was my abrupt “end” with a certain individual. The whole blog is full of it, go around and draw your own conclusions about whether it was good or not.


But finally, I looked for a professional, who is gradually making me see who I am, what I like, breaking some taboos that I put myself in the head and demystifying hidden fears, which sometimes paralyzes me. I’m soon returning to my axis, my balance.


In a way, it helps me find myself, now changed by the circumstances of life. I am aware that I have grown up, I have changed, that parts of me have been lost and there are others trying to fit in. I realize, more calmly, how much I have grown and begin to heal myself.


I read and I liked it

You are beautiful

IMG_20180509_224419See you trying, this is beautiful.

See you fighting, falling and standing up, this is beautiful. I see you being judged and ignoring pointed fingers, that’s beautiful.

I see you suffering and overcoming, this is beautiful.

I see you smiling even in the middle of the pain, that’s beautiful.

I see you stubborn in being happy, that’s beautiful.

I see you running to fulfill your dreams, this is beautiful.

I see you making difficult choices, that’s beautiful. I

see you giving up important things in the name of your self-love, that’s beautiful.

See you believing in love, despite everything that has passed, this is beautiful.

You are beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

You are one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in my life.


Written by: @victorofern

Translate by: @rascunhodraft


17th of August


Am I ready to move on? Yes, I say, until I see your picture with her.
I think I got over it, most of the time, there is your picture hugging her and smiling.
God knows I wanted to be happy for you,
He knows how I tried.
But the truth is I’m lying on the floor,
All I feel is longing for what we never live.
Than you never allowed us to live.
I can handle the pain, my love,
I’ve held on for a long time.
I do not wish you any harm,
I just wanted happiness to be ours.
I will try not to take it personally.
Maybe if I just lock you in here,
I will not feel anything else.
They say that time heals everything,
How much longer will I have to wait?
My friends say that I will be happy too,
that someone will come to cover the wounds you have left.
Until then I will sit here and write to you.

I read and I liked it



She ran down the beach as if it were her last breath of life, as if suddenly all the energy stored in those two years bloomed inside her chest. There were half a dozen people there who impregnated themselves or felt the happiness of others. Is it really happiness? It was a mixture of everything inside her, it was a big hurricane inside that person who was getting smaller and smaller in the landscape. How long, he thought … how long, but not with looks or begging beggars … longing for himself, longing to run like who knows where he’s going, but in full assurance that he does not want any more directions. Not to plans made without purpose, not words declared by necessity, not to repressed desires, not to everything that binds us not to live. Then, in the middle of nowhere with all his life in front of him, he realized that he was free. And how he liked to be.

Written by: @umserquesente

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Liebster Award #3

Hi Everyone, I was nominated by Diana through her Pretty Confections blog for

I found the questions very nice and would like to post them with my answers. One more chance for you to know me a little bit.

Good reading.

Thank you Diana.

So Let´s go…

What is your favorite hobby?

Play guitar, read books and watch series.

What makes you happy?

Being with my family and friends and traveling

What is your favorite color?


Do you have a dream job, something you wish you could do?

I currently work in my training area. Apparently it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but my psychologist is dismantling all this rs. At the moment it is not being a pleasant thing, but I believe that the employment of dreams for me would be something stable, that would enable me to plan to do more leisurely things that I like.

What irritates you the most?

Noise, not being able to speak, explain myself etc … Not to be heard in general. Someone once did an analysis of my astrological profile and told me that I expect a lot from the people I give people what I would like to receive and when that does not happen I get frustrated, I think it’s true, I hear a lot people, because I like it clear, but when I want / need to talk and someone just turns away and walks away it really pisses me off.

Do you have any indulgences?

Usually, with whom I love and want very close, I have a tendency to “forgive” more quickly, or I am predisposed to believe that the person has changed and will no longer do that or at least is trying to be better.

Can you describe your most embarrassing moment?

When I went out with a “friend” it seemed to have a climate there I wanted to give him a kiss and he did not give it. I did not understand anything, it was very strange.

Name one of the best moments of your life.

My graduation

How would you describe your personality?

I’m still trying to figure it out. For now, I would describe myself as an observant person. I’d rather watch people than talk about them or about myself. With regard to friendships, I believe that I am a companion, faithful friend. In love relationship: I am very affectionate, I like to be together, to show love and affection. I’m jealous of all of you.

What made you decide to blog?

It’s a phrase I always say “I write to get the bad things out of me.” There was a time when I had a lot to say and I really wanted to be heard by a specific person, that person has a blog, so I thought it would be easier to talk to her around here. But the person is so selfish that he does not bother to read the other’s work, he just likes people to read hers. So he still does not listen to me. But no problem because this reason has become meaningless for me, I found so many cool people talking about wonderful things, they read me and comment what I say and understand me. Nowadays I write in a blog because it has become therapy for me. Put out what no longer fits inside me, be it good or bad, and sometimes find someone to comment and exchange experiences.

Name one thing in your life you’d like to change.

I would like to be less emotional, less intense for sure I would get rid of several displeasure.


If anyone has any other questions please leave us comments.




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You do not love me anymore?

You don't love me anymore

If I still love you? I love, I love, yes. I had to keep the love inside me, lock it and forget where I kept the key.

My heart was broken and I needed to breathe.

If I passed this stage you can too. It was not easy, of course, I needed help from friends, a psychologist, and an overwhelming will to overcome. But that was just one of the battles I had to face to be stronger. Had friends who could not take it, I think today, did they really make friends? Today I leave you well below my list. I do not care if they disappear as soon as you’re gone. It makes no difference. I made new friends and strengthened ties that were loosened because I was too focused on one group. Today I’m lighter, in the end, everything has become learning. I remain happy, paying more attention to myself and what I enjoy. Sometimes our memories come, but it does not hurt anymore.


Take a chance


“Just remember that sometimes the way you think about people is not the way they really are.” – Paper Towns

Remember this ! Give the chance to know the other as he truly is and not how you think he is, or how someone painted it for you. Sometimes if you give yourself that chance, you discover a new friend, a new love, someone special. Get rid of pre-established stereotypes and profiles. What one person went to another has a lot to do with what the other person was to that person and the whole story has two sides. Sit down here, I’ll tell you mine …


You’re the worst thing that still exists in me.


It’s been a while since you’ve been gone. Everyone says I should get over it, because it would not really work. And life does not wait, there is no button to pause and you can not return my love. How did I let it happen? I’ll write to you and take you out of my body. I think if you put everything on paper, there will be nothing left. I told you once, “I write to get the bad things out of me,” do you remember that? I still cry when it’s hard to endure things that I can not change and I can not understand. When you have so much to process that my head and my heart seem to explode. When your lack threatens the life I’ve struggled so hard to build. Right now my face is wet and some tears have wet the paper while I write this letter, even if you never read, I will write for you. This is my diary screaming.

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It still hurts but not forever – I hope

gi-carved-healing-stone-58b9785a3df78c353cdd30bc“So far technology has succeeded in making us forget everything … except the things we do not want to remember” Michel Gondry.
This phrase comes from a movie that I really like “Eternal shine of a mind without memories”
I thought a lot about this movie today. How wonderful it would be to be able to erase all our memories. I have read that what keeps our memories alive is interest and emotion. That had (today I know that my interests and my emotions were different from yours and it hurts). The first few months without you I did not want to believe, I made excuses for myself to justify why you got out of my bed on Monday morning and did not come back. I figured I’d done something wrong but the weekend was so good? In the days that followed I did not want to look at your social networks, I was afraid of what you could be doing without me, I was glad to see your status on whatssapp and wait for your message. I never saw you online which was perfectly understandable since the person you spoke to most was me (if you ask, you will say no, as I said before, but how do you explain the two hours in the call history? and every night that we’ve been awake?), anyway, I waited. No Sinal. I focused on my change that would happen in a few days. I waited. No Sinal. I traveled. Confused, because I wanted you to go with me. And you were so close. Not a message. Neither a Merry Christmas nor a Happy New Year. Anything. I could not stand it and asked if something had happened if we had not enjoyed our evening together. You said you liked it a lot, but you did not want to get involved with anyone serious at the moment. Nothing made sense yet again. I respected it. A little later I realized that I had blocked myself in one in the instagram (I had already stopped following him and I realized that he too), after a long time without talking, I wanted to question him about it, instead I cursed a friend and the urge to tell him passed. I let it go, decide it was not worth the effort. On a beautiful day, a friend request appears. I accepted. I tried to pull the subject. Coldness. I tried to make a call. Lock again. This time I was not so rational. I undressed. The truth was not very well accepted. Because the truth is only good out of mouth, it gives throats inside it tastes bitter. We fought. For a change he chose silence to commit himself to explanations. It was all arranged, everything was staged as everything we live. The blow was hard. I made a huge effort to stand. Shortly thereafter it appears with another. Serious relationship. I uncontrolled. I was floorless. I knew I needed help. I looked. So strange to want to forget someone who loved so much. What to do when you realize that in the same proportion you gave love you received masked contempt of manipulation and low games?!


I read and I liked it

Based on disillusion



I feel the interval of the jumps, I hear the wind that strikes the windows, I open them and I see nothing else. Love passes in an instant, a particular, heavy, vital temporal. I made a point of ignoring the losses, the deviations, the disappointments that always went hand in hand. Until it did not, and I did not realize it. Each passing day I miss more of these passing paths, the summer rain they call desire, love, affection, for which I gave myself (in depth) – until they drowned me. Storm that scares, breaks half said of things but irrigates the plantations, prepares the crops. The days were ruined so that they would come; expectations downhill, followed by unexpected happiness. I only feel that I have already enjoyed more, that I have loved more, and today I am less, surrounded by stories in half, lost in my own labyrinths. I wish I had been ideal, less self-centered, immune to the slaps of time, and whoever I had, and whoever I was. I’ve wanted it so badly that it’s almost banal now; because I complain about everything I’ve gone through, everything that still hurts, and if I could go back in time (hypocritical like myself) I would do it all over again.


Written by: Perina (@naoperina)

Translate by: @rascunhodraft

Image: Unknown

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i_feel_like_i__m_sinking____by_elenakalis-d54k16uAlternating good days and bad days you follow.

You never know what it will be.

You want to believe that everything changes,

For the best

of course!

And he clings to it.

You sink down one more time, there are days it seems like you can not take it.

You’re just crying and crying.


You ask God to help you.

And imagine that your dead mother is there to help you.

With you on your lap doing some fun.

“Everything will be fine. You are strong. You’ve been through this before. ”

Everything will be fine.

You sob once more.

And sleep.


Birthday Post · Special Thanks

Fist Year

1 ano

Yeah, We already have a year !!!

Today I see the great changes that have happened to me all this time. I remember that I started this blog because I wanted to speak the “language” of a person I liked very much and wanted to be heard by her. Nowadays all this does not make much sense, because although I have tried very hard to be much for this person, no effort of mine was recognized by her.niver
However, I have learned to express myself better and to express everything that hurts me. And I really like this universe.
I’ve shared many things with you and hearing what you have to say is very good. I remember one of the things I said to that same person: “I write about bad things to get them out of me, about the good things that I do not have so much urgency to write, because I want to prolong that feeling.” we talked about journals.
I have a notebook that I write when no words would make sense to another person, when the anguish is so great that I could not express myself coherently. So I write and cry and I get lighter.
The text “see you in the future” was the first one I wrote here that I reported what I was really feeling and it helped me to understand what was going on. Today, more than a year later, we are in the same moment, but the sensation is different. I am stronger, more determined, I know myself better and I understand what is good for me and I accept more easily that people should be left free.
Writing helped me understand this and see things as a whole and several comments from you have comforted me, put a smile on my face, as well as the texts that I have read of you.

                                                              I want to thank you for the followers and for the tanned ones in my blog. And I want to 100flwsay that your comment makes all the difference, that I am very glad to come here and see people from different parts of the world commenting, sharing something nice with me, sympathizing with my experiences, I feel much lighter when Someone tells me that he has identified with something I said, that he agrees with me or that he thinks differently but that he respects my point of view and explains how he thinks (sometimes it makes me think differently). No doubt you make me feel better is like group therapy. I write to improve my mood to take something sad, distressing from within me and when you give me the opportunity to talk about it through the responses of the comments it makes a lot more sense to me. Many thanks to all of you who read, who respond, who comment, who like. I love talking to you and discovering other amazing people who write amazing things and feel that too. Thank you very much, for this one year of partnership, you have made me better in many moments and I hope I have helped someone as well.


A thousand Kisses.



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What is missing from me?

images (2)

Written by: Bruna Monteiro (@espalhepoesia)

Translate by: Rascunho-Draft


I read and reread our conversation about five times, I did not find the error, I do not know where I went wrong, it seemed to be okay, and the next moment you disappeared. I should already have expected that its standard is this, spectacular entries, with flowers and chocolates wearing the most beautiful smile and most foul of all, and soon after a meaningless end, like those films that end in the middle of the story, without giving a reasonable explanation, and who watches only asks: that’s it? This is you, and I know by heart, I know all its faults, I know the lies told, the ragged excuses that come later, but I confess that lately I have been surprised, because the excuses are increasingly scarce, giving way to the disturbing silence . I struggle once more in that instant to seek something in my memory that may have made you turn away, but again I can not find out. Our last meeting was amazing, the best sex we’ve ever had, I know that every time it’s better than the previous one, but last week was something that surpassed everything we’ve ever done, because I was sure, thinking that I would not leave his arms so soon, despite to have made it clear that he did not want to be in a hurry, and to have asked to take one step at a time, so that this time there would be no end. But you completely run away from any pattern, from any line of reasoning, you do not make sense, I sleep thinking that everything is fine and according to the twisted world. What was missing in this story? What is wrong with me? Is there anything in this life that will make you stay and quit games?


About Forgiveness

If the last person who hurt you would call you now, would you forgive? This is a current question on social networks. My answer? It’s not because someone hurt you once you have to allow it to continue. Forgiveness is often for ourselves. I sincerely believe that I am a good person and that I do not awaken evil in anyone, but if unfortunately evil reaches me, and we know that it reaches, I regard it as personal growth and I forgive the person, for me, for her and for others that will pass in my life and do not deserve to prove the bitterness that another caused. Every person who passes into our lives has the right to fulfill his role without the shadow of someone who is gone. Go in peace. You are forgiven.







Some will say it is selfish. When thinking about it, also think about what you have contributed to reach that point. There is no selfishness when individualism has taken over people. Others will not understand the fact that I am happy, making jokes, probably these will be the people almost always distant, who does not like to hear that it is not well, that gives the standard answer “everyone has problems” How does one talk with this kind of person? Some have reminded me and are sure that they could have done more and others have not bothered to stop and think, to follow their lives normally, tomorrow is a new day. There are also those who wept over my body and will mourn my death, they will know exactly where they went wrong. I will not stand here pointing out the error of each one with me, I will not make this letter another chapter of thirteen reasons why, because I am free, maybe I still have to pay for it in an alternative world. Maybe there is a God and I should kneel at your feet and ask for forgiveness. I’m not afraid anymore. My fear is of empty, futile and individualistic people, who are happy with the suffering of others, my fear is of people who do not know what reciprocity is, who only expect the next gives more than nothing gives in return. My fear is of those who are silent when injustices occur or of those who find grace in the humiliation of others. I do not understand how the world works and I can not take love anymore. I apologize to my family, I loved you and I recognize your love for me, but the world is cruel. There is no comfort in death and unfortunately I can not say that everything will be fine, but I know they will find their way.



I read and I liked it

Grow up


By: Unknown Author


I have undergone great changes as I grow up, I have fallen, I have broken my face, but I am not as sad as most people. Because? Because deep inside I know that someone only grows, matures, when learns to stand alone in the midst of these tumbles. Many people claim that I have changed, that I am no longer the same, but nothing seems the same as it used to be. I chose to change, I chose to shut up when I have so much to say, I chose to give more priority in discovering who I really am, what goes on in my head, whether I am only accumulating opinions, or an original character created by my attitudes. I diligently seek to be a good person, no, I’m good, if I were not, what would I be ?! I’m tired of the advice everyone gives: “everything passes”, “one day you’ll laugh at it all,” they do not comfort me anymore. So I decided not to listen to what people say about me, I preferred not to know the opinion of those who do not interest me and influence, and to give life a chance, to be able to look at its good side, to inspire and ex-freak, to go back a little and relive moments that have done me so well, that made me who I am today. Retake friendships thrown away, go back and eat the same candy I ate in the presence of people who today are no longer here near me. To trust, to be able to love. One day I heard that loving is a way to revolutionize, change the world. I believed, because one day my life changed because of the love of the greatest revolutionary that ever existed, Jesus, and I do not regret it and I will never regret giving all the credits of my life to Him. Only when I decided to shut up, I discovered that my voice it also echoes inside me, and I end up talking to myself when I think no one else understands me. I no longer want my life equal to all that is seen, tired of appearances, decided to use the brain, and my character still in formation to conquer people.





Graduation (The End)

Close up of a graduation cap and a certificate with a ribbon


I wish I could say I’ll miss you. That I will one day sit with my children and grandchildren the adventures and joys lived in this magical place. But no, it will not happen.

Getting here was definitely a win and I’m happy for that. But it was also arduous, it was painful, it was time consuming, it was painful.

First I got used to the furdunço that is the big city, to someone who came from the interior of the world, imagine. Then with loneliness, because although we have many people always, we are as lonely as in the desert, this is the worst kind of solitude. Gradually we get used to it, we get so busy that loneliness appears in rare moments when you allow yourself to look at life. And we walk some more and we try, we fail and try to improve the next.

Instead of telling the joys, I will tell how I became a stronger woman, how I cried for losing that bus, what made me late for work. How I got home at one o’clock in the morning, not knowing if I ate first I bathed or slept anyway, in my clothes all day long, with the sweat of a thousand people clinging to me. It happened to sleep almost face-to-face on the plate and no shower rs.

I’ll tell you how difficult it was to lose the best and only friend in college and then see her do bulyng with the one she called friend one day. As the saying goes, you only know people when you stop talking to them.

I will tell you how it was to move several times from home, to live with the elderly, young people, adults and children all in one house at the same time. I will tell the feeling of spending more important holidays at home alone while others celebrated with family.

I will remember telling them that college love is not always formed and that life is this, some are luckier than others and it does not mean that it is bad, it is all part of growth and contributes to a journey of high knowledge.

I will tell them that in the end I felt proud of the woman I am, who I became, stronger, more resistant.

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Trap (fairy tale upside down)

Sem títuloThe other time she said it would be the last.
He locked himself in his sand castle.
He could not remember how to walk on the street of homesickness and on the sidewalks of loneliness.
But she saw him crying and tried to approach.
Keep your feet on the ground while your head is in the clouds,
That’s what they said…
But it was too late.
It was a trap and she does not know how to get back
Her sand castle collapsed and she was unprotected.
If it’s not real, you can not play with like hands
Can not feel with the heart
But if you believe and even in the dark you can see
Maybe you can come back!

Writing about life

Almost there or considerations about the near future


I’ve been thinking a lot about my plans. I’almost finishing my college, I’ve studied a lot and there’s still so much I want to do. I’ve been doing lists of what I want for now, what I’ve done and what I have to do before I actually finish college.
I lived here for 5 years but I still do not Know the city, I went to museums, exhibitions, parties, bars but there is still so much to see. I wanted to learn Italian and French and finally decided to enroll, Italian no yet, I started the Spanish course too, it is not my favorite language but learning is accurate.
I wanted a love ah… This is harder. So I started looking and found it, but I do no think it has yet. I lived here with the following thought, there is no love in São Paulo, and I think this is true, in parts, for a long time I thought it was the rush of the other, but I realized that deep down they do not want to, because it is easier to live without having to give to the other.
So I gave up, I decided they’re going to have to find me now. I did not give up on love, no that, but I’II leave it a while, inside me.

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Experiences (And if…)


And if I had not been born

How would my parents have lived?

If their death had not I cried

If André had fallen in love with me

And at 18 she had married

What children would I have had?

If I lived I would have chosen another state.

If another course had taken

How would you be a doctor or a veterinarian?

If I did not lose that bus

Because I arrived late

If I had ever entered that room

If I had not known you

Or made friends dear

Had I been happy?

If a heart had not been broken

In one thousand, one for each side.

How I would have become strong

And how the past learned?

If …

For each if presented

There are several paths to be followed and a modified self

I’m made of experiences.




Public Domain

Time is too short.

When did love become a mistake?

It takes courage to assume that you love.

But what is the use of secret love?

People get lonely.

But pride is greater than reaching out.

 I saw him cry softly,

While sleeping clinging to the pillow.

Someone hurt your heart.

And because he was mistreated, he preferred solitude,

He did not know true love, only illusion.

I could help you

If only he were sincere

And tell me a secret.

What are you afraid of?

In yours place I’ve been.

But it is not worth living in this slide.

The best lesson for life is to be as happy as possible.




Deep down we just need someone to hear us,

What give laughter of our daydreams.

That sits on the porch and watch the sunset

While we finished a cup of tea.

We just need someone to talk to.

About all, about nothing.

Without criticizing us

But, help usunderstandour role in life.



imagesI look at you and I can not contain myself

The mind flies as I watch your gestures
My whole body shivers.
Thinking of how I would do
You get lost
In my hands and lips
And I would get lost together
To hear their groans of pleasure.
If you could hear my thoughts now
I’d think I’m an indecent poor.
I can not avoid
Wish you
Your innocent air fills me
It will be perfect to make you squirm
And explode together

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Until after the end


I had just entered the corridor, she barely saw me and opened a huge smile, opened her arms and hugged me as if she had not seen me for some time. But we had not been together for 24 hours. Our friendship was not easy, neither of us is. We are diametrically different, in our thoughts, in our tastes, in the way we see life and people. Curiously that was also what influenced us to be so friendly. We were not in the beginning, we had to build that too.

I do not know exactly how I started to be friends with my friends, I think we never know exactly when a person happens to be someone who knows himself to be love, to be a friend, happens. They arrived and were filling spaces, conquering smiles when I realized they became essential.

What I perceive in this whole difference is that one thing we have in common, we know how to listen and understand each other’s side of the other and we mainly respect our differences, e laugh and laugh a lot of ourselves and the funny situations that we go through and invent in our mind While planning the future.

What I like best about friendships, and this particular friendship, is the peace they bring me. And as she brings peace, she gives a smile that fits the world and when you see it you are sure that there you are sure that nothing you say can be so bad, has a look that makes you care and does you so well. You’re holding your gaze before your arms touch.

It is able to perceive and to know to you when it is not just with your hi on the phone, do not need more, these two letters is able to denounce you, denounce that fight with crush that she already hates just to make you sad.

We do not need to say, we know there is love and we are happy to meet and hold each other because friendship is that. Reciprocity, love, affection, subtle and simple demonstrations, but that make all the difference.


Here she comes

Photo Public Domain
Here she comes with her hike
Put the headset and a loud music to play
With his eyes tightly closed he is able to travel.
She loves being with friends and having someone to talk to.
 Here she comes lost in thought
Your serious face can fool you.
Barely know
That is full of feelings
She comes with an open heart.
Ready to Conquer
The first to be allowed
Be close
Always see the good side of people.
And do no pre-trial
Your heart has already been hurt.
But, it does this learning
Cry like hurts at night

Listening to aroman

In the morning is another day
To be Unveiled
And here she comes …
With his smile on his side,
Walking slowly
Imagining a happy ending
In your mind !
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See you (in the future)

I was sitting here killing time on the internet. I put this band (bastille) to play because that’s what I’ve heard most lately. I did not know all their songs but I put them to roll the entire album. Then this song appeared (laughter lines), I liked the rhythm of the melody, so I paid attention to the lyrics and came what I wanted to say to Him.

He’s a twenty-something years I’ve met. The first thing I saw in him was intelligence and I loved it. Yes, I loved it. I’m not a person who falls in love with looks but for the essence and he had a Q that attracted my attention. He was intelligent, hardworking and wanted to do good. He had political convictions that should be studied and worked out, but it was fun to discuss with him about it. He had a passion for what he was doing and that was charming. I let it take me.

I remember when he asked me which course was mine, I answered and he said he found it interesting but very difficult. At the same moment I thought, I will convince you to take this course. It did not happen, of course, but it did give us good chats. From there we did not stop anymore, I always encouraging the conversation, because it really intrigued me.

We finished our course and continued to talk, now less technical things, we talked about a lot. I could learn about him, about what he liked, his plans were like that for a long time. We left a few times, nothing much happened, just enjoyed the day.

It was going well, or so I thought. It all began to fall apart as he began to give expectations, things he could not keep. I believed him, wanted to pay to see, wanted to be and make him happy.

The beginning of the end was on a Friday night with a lot of talk, lots of plans for the next weekend defects, we were on the phone, he said everything I wanted, he tried to explain why we would not give a right, no convincing answer, every word That I heard my heart felt like it would explode.

I did not understand, I stayed on the floor, how can something change so much so suddenly, but ok, we followed the script we did the tour I was waiting for everything to change at the end of the day and back to what it was before. Did not happen. All that happened was several catastrophic events that could not be improved.

In one last frank conversation, which no one knows how it began, it was the end, the charm ended. All that I saw in good was superimposed by all the words that came to me like sharp points. I cried for myself, for him, for the situation, for the second time in just over a year. It was the weeping of relief, which took away all the pains that had been accumulated, which were suffocated by the good things I wanted for us.

These good things are gone, too.

This pain lasted two days, were intense days. I was fine, I moved on, after all life does not wait. But I could never say anything but ok. Nothing better came to my mind when my heart was torn apart.

So when I heard this song I remembered all this and words came to me to say: See you in the future when we are older and full of stories to tell. See you in the future when you’re laughing. Maybe we’ll have coffee and share our adventures. If it does not … Be happy.



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She wanted the world and went after


Photo: Public Domain.

She was a restless girl with big dreams, waking up in the middle of the night and imagining herself to be great, being free. The small inland town where she lived with her siblings was no longer enough for her plans, she needed more.

Her friends rejoiced when after Sunday Mass they could wander around the square and engage in lively discussions with the boys and sometimes have the balls. Like the good girls in town, they were allowed to stay until one o’clock in the morning, or the parents would come and pick them up, they could not be “spoken.”

She was never interested in taking a walk in the square after Mass, not that she did not like the square or the city, she just wanted more. The boys of the city courted her, tried to please her, but no one ever really got her, her heart belonged elsewhere.

As the years went by, she began to be choked with all this, with the sameness of years that could not improve. Then she fidgeted again, packed her bag, put her guitar on her back, and left. They tried to stop her, but she did not let go, she had to go after her dreams.

Today she does not regret this choice, in fact, she thinks it was the best thing she did. She has not yet arrived where she wants to, but the important thing is to take the first step, and she gave and continues giving, sometimes short, sometimes long strides, in search of what makes her heart vibrate.


Body and heart

Tree of love
Tree of love

That to see me thus smiling

Do you think I’m happy

My mouth is talking

My heart feels.

I already tried to forget you

But, I love you madly

Your name is recorded

And it does not leave my mind !